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We are working with recruiters helping them with their groups strategy on LinkedIn, so I wanted to share some ideas to help you get the most out of them.

There are approx 1.4million groups on LinkedIn, ranging from Netball and wine groups, to Groups for recruiters and business leaders…  My previous post about LinkedIn Groups looked at theLinkedIn Groups Types You May Want to Consider (have a read).

Here are 5 tips on capitalising on LinkedIn Groups:

  1. Optimise your LinkedIn profile before joining groups to ensure that where a group is locked, the manager is more likely to accept your request (and invites that you send to other group members are more likely to be accepted.)
  2. Make friends with the Group Manager. They will recommend you and want to gain value from you.
  3. Read the Group Rules (if any) and respect them. (Don’t be surprised if the jobs you post / discussions you start are deleted because you have broken the rules.)
  4. Advertise Jobs in the Jobs area, unless the Group Rules specify otherwise. You can use your status updates and job discussions to market your roles, for free.
  5. Don’t just stand in the doorway to capture contacts (connect) – get involved in Groups and raise your profile using: Discussions, Polls, Reply / Like / Comment on discussions.

5 more to follow next week.

What would you add?

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