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We’ve written about why Slideshare should interest recruiters, and we’ve given you 8 essential Slidedecks that every recruiter should have.  Let’s now move on to some great tips for creating content in Slideshare!

Interesting fact about Slideshare:

The amount of C-level executives and business owners on Slideshare far outnumber those on other networks (yes even LinkedIn)! Tweet this.

However, if your content can’t be found then what’s the point of producing it?

Here are some tips for getting your content found on Slideshare:

1) Use your key words well!

We all know that keywords are crucial, and this is no different on Slideshare. Slidedecks are easily discoverable through Google and this makes your use of key words very important! 

Bear in mind that 33% of traffic to Slideshare comes from Google, hence Google is a massive influencer and you should capitalise on it.

Plus, here’s a cute tip: the most searched terms on Slideshare are Marketing, Social Media and Facebook and the most used tags are Business, Statistics, Social Media, Market, Trends, and Research. This is a guide for tags to use but you should add other topical words.

2) Get your presentation on to LinkedIn

Slideshare are owned by LinkedIn. It therefore goes without saying that you should upload your content to LinkedIn for wider exposure. It integrates beautifully into user profiles – check out mine for an example.

3) Jazz up your thumbnail

The first thing that people are going to see when searching presentations is your thumbnail.

Your thumbnail shows up on a surprising amount of screens (search and topic pages, your profile, and when embedded!) If you make it look great then more people are likely to view your content. Check out the one below and think about which one you would rather view!

 Slideshare Thumbnails

4) Cross pollinate your social platforms

Linking up your social streams, and regularly referring to them goes without saying, and if you don’t do this already then you should probably rethink your social media strategy!

Advertise all of your content across your social streams.   Slidedecks feature especially well on platforms like Pinterest, blogs, and of course LinkedIn!

5) #Hashtags

My final tip to increase your Slidedeck exposure is to include a tactically placed hashtag in the title and body of the presentation. Hashtags are everywhere these days, so it pays to use them, making your content more discoverable.

Slideshare is a deceptively large business platform, actively surfed by business leaders and decision makers. Make sure that is it part of your online marketing strategy and review our other Slideshare blogs for tips on how to best use this as a practical tool to improve your brand and raise your profile.

See our Slideshare for more tips for maximizing your content, and please subscribe to our Slideshare for more great recruitment technology and social media for recruitment content from us.

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