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In my last blog, 5 tips for getting your Slideshare content seen, I talked about how best to get your Slideshare content seen. I’m now going to tell you lovely Recruiters some tips so that you can absolutely nail your Slideshare content. What will this lead to? Well, ultimately it will leading to improving your brand reach and gaining new clients!

We have published a lot of content about Slideshare so in case you haven’t seen it, here are a few of the key points:

  • Slideshare receives a staggering 60 million monthly visitors
  • It’s the world’s 151st most visited site (not bad!)
  • LinkedIn owns the site

And most importantly…

Slideshare has more business owners using it than any other social media site! 500% more than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn - TWEET THIS

The opportunities to reach new clients are evidently there but getting your content found is just the first step! As the saying goes:

All the business owners in the world could be on Slideshare but if you don’t have great content, it won’t get you anywhere!

Here are some tips for how to create content that engages your audience:

1) Size matters

Images and text are important to any presentation but how you use them will have a massive impact! Audiences want visual content that has little but large text. In 2014, the number of images in Slidedecks jumped by 53% with the average size of the images rising by 16%. The size of text also grew by a massive 58%. Thus, if you convey messages through images, your presentations will be much more powerful.

 2) Mix up your medium

Did you know that you can throw a YouTube clip into a Slideshare presentation? No? Well you do now! Mix it up a little, keep your audience engaged, and reap the rewards.

3) Utilise Slideshare’s infographics player

Infographics are twenty three times more popular than documents, and four times more popular than Slidedecks as well! They are also shared two times more than Slidedecks and three times more than documents. Clearly they are a popular way to access content! Get creative, upload an infographic, and see your views multiply. Check out our Pinterest infographic on Slideshare’s infographic player!!

4) Drive content to your site

You can dump hyperlinks (anywhere after slide 3) in your presentation. Bear this in mind so that you don’t start getting frustrated when none of the links in your initial slides work! These links can be great for sending viewers to your website and generating potential leads.

5) Use analytics

Slideshare recently made their analytics free to all business accounts. Identify what is popular and what viewers click on, using this information to create similar content.

My final tip is one that you may not know about so pay attention…

6) Re-upload your presentations!

Slideshare is one of the few social platform that allows you to update your content without sacrificing the views and clicks that have already been generated. You could (although unadvisable) re-upload an entirely different presentation to one which already has thousands of views. Maybe don’t go quite that far… but this allows you to keep your presentations up to date without creating an entirely different URL!

So what can we take away from this?

Slideshare is a deceptively large business platform and recruiters should delpoy this system as part of their marketing mix!

See our Slideshare for more tips for maximizing your content, and please subscribe to our Slideshare for more great recruitment technology and social media for recruitment content from us.


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