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Hi Agency Recruiters (and perhaps Corporate Recruiters?)  I recently blogged about why I think that Social Media may be making Recruitment Harder.  My thoughts (based on lots of client discussions) were that in some cases, the fact that clients could check out candidates before taking them forward for interview / offering them a role, can put the placement at risk.

So, bearing in mind I am a “can do”, and not a “run for the hills” type of gal, I thought I’d jot down some ideas for minimising any risk that social media can put on the agency recruiter.

The checks below should take approx 5 mins per candidate, and I always suggest doing them at the point of sending the CV to the client, if the CV has the name of the candidate on.  It is becoming more and more common for clients to check online profiles of candidates before interviewing / offering them, so protect your vacancy!

  1. LinkedIn: does the candidate CV match the LinkedIn profile (eg. in terms of jobs, durations etc… Is there anything on the LinkedIn profile that could negatively affect their chances?)
  2. Twitter: ask them if they have a profile, even if it is a personal one.  Check it out and see if there is anything in there that a client may find offensive, or that may be talking about an interview for a business, where the business has expressly requested it remains confidential (one of my clients lost a placement recently because of this!)
  3. Facebook:  I know theoretically, this is supposed to be a personal, informal network, but seriously consider how your candidates’ public profiles may look (especially if they don’t understand privacy settings, or are linked to the organisation they are being put forward to).  Again, a client of mine recently had serious issues when their client did a quick search on Facebook and rejected a candidate based on their profile.
  4. Google: if you do a quick search on Google (or Bing etc…) what can you find out about your candidate?  One of my clients has a candidate with the same name as an infamous criminal in Scotland and needed to calm down a client recently.
  5. Blog: if your candidate has a blog, what does it discuss and could it be offensive to a client?

Some other tips:

  1. Consider having fields in your CRM which link to these social media profiles to make it easier to do these checks. (The newer ones already do some pretty wizzy stuff, so keep an eye out).
  2. Consider having some tips on your website for candidates to remind them to check themselves out from a social media perspective to increase their job chances.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom of speech, privacy and equality, but where candidates have potentially misunderstood how social media works, this could be damaging to your pipeline, and what a silly reason to lose a placement! (Especially, if you could have checked this beforehand and given a little advice on tidying things up…)  You wouldn’t send a dodgy CV across would you?

Do you already do this?  Maybe you have learn the hard way?  What social media checks do you do?

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