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Hubspot (bless them) blogged this morning about Lead Generation cards for Twitter – I got so excited I nearly dropped my skinny decaf caramel macchiato with sugar free syrup! Advertising your role on Twitter and getting applications from candidates just got REALLY easy.

This is going to be a really short blog as it speaks for itself:

  • Recruiter advertises through a promoted tweet
  • They then use this new feature to attract candidates who want to apply with one click on Twitter, no need for mucking about with links and messy, pointless, take-ages-to-read content

In 2011 Twitter was reported to attract 3x more candidates than LinkedIn – this is serious stuff if you want to engage quicker and easier with your talent base.

Read more about this here

This is the similar (albeit paid for) version of the Apply Via LinkedIn functionality that launched 2 years ago.

Candidates can apply for the role now without returning home, bathing the kids, having tea - intending to log back in but forgetting to apply for the role they saw earlier that day.

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