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I ran a #RecruitClever webinar on June 5, 11am, on behalf of APSCo.  What is more, the lovely APSCo team were happy for non-APSCo members to attend! The full recording of the webinar is at the bottom of this blog.

Who was the webinar for?

Recruiters and recruitment leaders who have an issue filling vacancies (erm… all recruiters?)

I run regular events and webinars for APSCo – we have delivered:

I have also been flattered by being asked to speak at many of their events.

The June 5th webinar topic was, Clever recruiters source - genius recruiters attract

The session was about how recruiters can attract talent (active and passive). We all get how to hit the phones, spam people with #jobs and “source” - but few recruiters (or staffing companies) seem to be able to grasp how to use social media to "get sticky".  Or maybe they grasp the idea, but don’t think that they have the tools or time.

Passive Talent is the new black

Never before has it been easier to find talent – it’s so easy even your clients to can do it! TWEET THIS

Candidates competing with recruiters for placements (by going direct to the client) coupled with the proliferation of tech in the recruitment world - the recruiter role has never been more 360!

Don’t even get started on the fact that many recruiters are suffering from a lack of time, brought on by an increase in inappropriate (time wasting) job applications from candidates who think that a recruiter’s role is to get them their dream job (that they’re not remotely qualified for…)

Yes, clever recruiters know how to source, but I think that the genius recruiters attract. During the webinar I gave some practical ideas on how recruiters can attract and glue talent to them, without using every cool tool on the planet and without disrupting the recruitment process with inadequate applications.

Please check out the recording of the webinar below!

Our first full webinar recording!

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