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 I was sat on a #Trulondon track this morning about LinkedIn and the debate was about how recruiters use LinkedIn and they may be killing it…

We work with recruiters helping them with their web, tech and social media projects, and so we have a good handle on how they use this technology in their business process.  It was interesting to me how some non-recruiters in the room see typical recruiters’ use of LinkedIn and how it can be deemed as off-putting, so much so they are considering removing their LinkedIn profiles.

Now, LinkedIn’s stats are quite compelling:

  • 125m users (gathering pace of 2 per second)
  • 7m in the UK (the 3rd largest country on LinkedIn – 2nd to the US and India…)

This is compelling enough to get nearly every recruiter onto this system, and some of them even pay to use the system to give them more access to people.

Are Recruiters Killing LinkedIn?

You can’t look at your LinkedIn status without seeing a recruiter barking (not tweeting) about a job.  Your home page displays jobs you may be interested in.  How often are you getting approached via LinkedIn about a job vacancy, even if you are not on the market?

I was in a meeting with a client after this track, who agreed that recruiters have more tools than they ever have had…  and this is leading, to some recruiters going into overdrive in LinkedIn.

Social media is changing the recruitment method from post and pray (advertising and hoping for applicants) to source and spray (searching and barking about the product…) So with more tools than ever carpet-bombing the market with the product is soooo tempting…  And we can’t forget how this looks to the average Joe (the people recruiters want to source and sell to.)  My view is that Recruiters aren’t killing LinkedIn, it’s the other way around…

Is LinkedIn Killing Recruiters

In my opinion, yes, it will be the death of some. Their processes, which without social media, went unseen – the usual “dark art” of recruitment was hidden behind the cloak and dagger.  These processes and practices are now in the public domain and their clients (real and potential) can access them, judge them and openly comment on them.

I have written a few blogs on my views on how recruiters should use social media:

The theme?  Recruiters, please use social media to gather your audience and educate them as to your processes and practices, your specialisms, your outcomes, not just your jobs (unless of course you are simply a job filler!)

If you are a job filler masquerading as a consultant, you will be found out, and LinkedIn could be the death of you!

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