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Just a bit of fun.  I am known for equating social media to a little like being on a date.  I have worked in recruitment for over a decade and I have seen some pretty hair raising stuff at recruitment nights out (you know who you are!)

Now I am working in the land of consulting with recruitment firms I can be totally judgemental!    So here’s some thoughts of mine… can you see yourself in here?  Would you add anything?

Are you a social media floosie?

  1. Are you a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker?)  I have a little problem with “specialist” recruiters connecting with “anyone”.
  2. Do you follow more people on Twitter than follow you – this is not always a definite sign of you being a floosie, but think about the message you are sending out by potentially following “everything in a skirt” to attract attention.
  3. The people you are following on Twitter, or connected to on LinkedIn – maybe you have absolutely no idea who they are or how you connected with them… one night stands?
  4. Is your social media photo one that has you cropped at the shoulders with apparently no clothes on? (oops)

Or are you a boring date?

  1. You scream and shout about how many followers / mentions / retweets you have? (Akin to “look how many exhausts my car has”, or “I scored this many “units” last month”)
  2. You talk more about yourself than listen / comment on others
  3. #Job #Jobs #Hiring (see previous post…)
  4. You don’t have much to say at all…
  5. Is your social media photo one that has you yapping on the phone / typing at a pc… is that really who you are?

Have a think about your online behaviour and how it makes you look – and think about whether it would get you that hot date, or even a second date if you were lucky enough to get the first!

Happy dating!

(*Originally published on @louisetriance lovely UKRecruiter blog.)

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