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 If you are in a business development role, blogs could be a great tool for you to generate more business – and you don’t even need to write them!

Anyone who we have trained will know our approach to blogs: subscribe to them, read them, share them, search them for content that will educate you about your sector and clients etc…  This takes a few minutes a day, but can make a real difference to your brand and bottom line.

But have you thought about using them to generate leads?

You may never intend to write a blog in your life: fair enough.  But subscribing to them, reading them and searching for comments made by potential clients and candidates (if you are a recruiter) could be a really valuable use of your time.

And if you have the time, and the notion, leave comments on blogs.  That’s a sure fire way of getting noticed – and that’s what social media is all about, creating content that attracts people to you.

So, you may never write a blog in your life, but don’t ignore this crucial tool for business development.

Tip: I use Google Reader to subscribe to blogs and Mobile RSS on my iPhone so I can read them on the move.

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