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I recently wrote a blog on my 5 tips for better blogging, and don’t want to disappoint my husband with not going on a bit more and sharing another 5 with you! (He calls it nagging; I call it establishing the facts!)

More and more businesses are blogging.  Even if you already are, I hope that some of the tips below, and in my previous blog add some perspective.  If you’re not, I hope that my tips will give you the confidence to begin and massively gain from this medium:

  1. Help me to help you! If I like a blog, I love sharing it and equally like to subscribe.  Make this easy for me.  I have come across a few blogs recently that simply allow blogs to be posted; there is zero functionality for sharing and subscribing… pointless!
  2. How are you marketing your blog? If you don’t tell me it’s there, I am unlikely to find – I’m too busy to hunt it down.  There are numerous ways to market your blog (I will blog about these at some stage).
  3. Do you have guests? I bet you know someone who is close to your field that could add a new dimension to your blog.  If they already blog, I’m sure they’d love to add some content for you.  If they don’t they probably still will once you explain what you need (300-400 words?)
  4. Do you ever guest? Where’s the party at?  Figure out where your clients are and go there.  I often blog on sites where I know my ideal clients are, then post the content on my own at a later stage – a very powerful way of attending the party.
  5. Seek attention. Comment on other blogs – a surefire way to attract attention and hopefully drive traffic back to your own web / blog.

Hope the above is of use.

Do you blog?  Any tips for how to blog well and get more readers / comments?  How do you use it as part of your marketing mix? Thoughts welcome.

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