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I have run out of business cards… AND my website has just had an overhaul / rebrand which affects the current design of my cards… what do I do? In a moment of madness I decided to not bother with getting any new ones printed as most of my networking is now online… then I hesitated, panicked and stopped the bus!

What do I do?

How often do I really dish these out? I don’t really network anymore, the meetings I have are usually after being in touch with someone and they have my contact data, I am “green”, etc… Am I just making excuses?

So, I have started a LinkedIn poll to gauge option. See below – would love your input.

I am social – why do I need business cards?

I have a LinkedIn account. I tweet regularly. I have a Facebook Business Page and I blog twice a week. What is a business card going to do for me, that my social media presence leaves a gap for?

I know that if I ever get given a business card, I add it to my database and get onto their social streams to connect then b1n it (sorry, this was the first “saying” I learned as a civil servant in my first proper job!)

What are you planning to do when your business cards run out? My LinkedIn Poll – your thoughts massively appreciated.


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