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Are you a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker)?  What’s your opinion of them?  They are VERY useful (and cuddly) creatures for recruiters… Here’s why I think this.

Anyone who has been on my LinkedIn courses will know I have a problem with LIONS…

Quick update: LION LinkedIn Open Networker – NOT endorsed by LinkedIn. In fact I worked with a client the other day who had been asked by LinkedIn to remove the term LION from their profile before being “unrestricted”.

My problem, as you will know from a previous blog about social media floozies, is that LIONs can appear a little unfussy – a little like a guy at the end of a Saturday who has no-one to go home with…. (I’ll let you translate!)

But the other day, it hit me… LIONs can be a great asset – so I wanted to share why I think this.

So, you want to expand your network, you may even have a company in mind that you want to target. How about opening that company in LinkedIn and looking for LIONs that work there? Connect with them – they’re a sure thing!

Once you have connected with them (bear in mind they’re people too, so treat with respect), you will have a greater visibility into the business (more 2nd level connections and less of those dreaded “you can’t see me, nah nah ne nah nah” 3rd level connections). Then you can begin trying to connect with decision makers (if indeed they were not LIONs in the first place). Ironically, when the decision maker looks at your profile, they will see how close you are the business and hopefully feel more confident in you and your invite.

Thoughts? How do you feel about having a cuddle with a LION?

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