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Do you want to be able to see your connections’ contacts – I mean not just in a list format that you have to scroll through (tedious) but actually search them and also be told when you connections gets a new contact which fits your criteria?  

Have you spotted that you can now search your contacts’ contacts? You may already view them via the contact’s profile, but this screen is really limited and you have to scroll through the screens to see people.

LinkedIn launched something new recently. When you hover over the image of the 2 people side by side  next to a name of a contact in a search result you’ll see the ”View all their connections” button. I’m going to call it the “OMG – I can view, search, save, connect with, have a jolly good tinker with – their connections” button.

Contacts 500plus

Just press the people button and you’ll get a search result screen that you can use your normal search skills on.

A gorgeous benefit (that you don’t get when you simply view their connections from the profile page) is the ability to:

  • Search your connections’ contacts for decision makers near to you – undercover contact sourcing
  • Search your connections’ contacts for candidates near to you - candidate sourcing on speed!
  • Search your connections’ contacts for people who work in specific companies – James Bond would love this!
  • need I go on?

And to top it off, you can even save the search results to notify you of any changes to the search results – oh my!

What a lovely feature!  Let me know how you get on.

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