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Lisa has been been invited to speak at BT and Wakefield Council’s It’s Time to Connect event on 28 November.  

Here’s the low down on the event:

"Connecting with other people has never mattered more. There’s more of it happening than ever, but less and less of it is happening face to face. So how can we make connections work as well as possible for our communities, ourselves and our organisations?

This latest event in the BT Time to… series is about better connections, whether it’s using social media to talk with citizens and our own people or using technology to connect our communities.

You’ll hear from experts and swap ideas and views with other successful women across the public sector.

Our speakers will look at how to use technology to communicate. From practical tips on using social media, to food for thought on collaboration. You’ll go away knowing more about how to engage with citizens, partners and communities and get ideas flowing faster between you and your colleagues."

Lisa will be running 2 masterclasses on social media:

  • How to conduct yourself on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and use social media to raise your personal profile.
  • How to adopt a social media strategy that can help your organisation achieve more with less from engaging with citizens, promoting services, shaping policy to driving up recruitment.

Interested?  Click here to read more and register.


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