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Whether you are an agency recruiter or a corporate recruiter, or simply a business wanting to market yourself and attract talent, Facebook can be a great tool for staff attraction.

In my previous Facebook blog (Facebook for Business??) I pointed to some stats that may stimulate your cells into thinking more positively and proactively about Facebook, but once you have decided to use Facebook, what are your options?  Please don’t fall into the inevitable trap of setting up Facebook with an unpopulated wall (or worse, one simply full of jobs…)

Just like you should be thinking about how your website and LinkedIn Company pages look and attract people, Facebook needs respect too (especially if it is the BIGGEST social network on the planet – currently 750m).  It’s worth considering that over time your social media sites may attract more views that your website.

The recession saw businesses shifting in shape and size.  This has resulted in many of my recruitment clients experiencing renewed growth now that their clients have the confidence to grow again.  Facebook can really help with this activity; so I always suggest that a business’ first use of Facebook could be to use it to attract staff.

Best Place to Work

I am an adopted Yorkshire girl, and have been for over half of my life… I eat regularly at Betty’s (posh cream cakes and major tourist draw in various towns across Yorkshire).  It has won the coveted Best Place to Work award and has Investors in People status – and that’s why I eat there (honest, it’s nothing to do with the cake!).

My conscience tells me that if they won this award, that their staff are happy, and as a result I will get treated well… And they are known for their excellent service and atmosphere. (If you buy fair-trade foods, this will ring bells with you.)

It’s not all about your website…

So imagine if you could have an area on the web – and not your website, which may not suit the “softer” side of your business – where you can publish how your team works, the kind of outings you have, the types of people you want in the business.

If over 29million UK residents are on Facebook, it’s a sure thing that your ideal staff are on it too.  Imagine designing a site that initially all of your current staff “Like” and thus, this let’s their friends know about your business.  Then you update your pages regularly with content that your staff can comment on etc…  Then you engage with people new to your brand and hey presto, you start to attract people who want to work for you – what a great place to be! (Not only that, but clients will be drawn to this – like’s Betty’s.)


One obvious objection to using Facebook that I hear initially from my client is that they don’t want to link the private lives of their staff with their business – too late – they already are…  What goes online stays online – the fact that they have Facebook profiles and update them with their antics means that any savvy recruiter / clients can find them and see what they’re up to.

Ideally your social media policy should guide your staff as to how they should behave online when working for you.  See my previous social media policy blog on this.

Using Facebook for business is a debate that I am sure will continue for many years to come, but trust me, your competitors are using it / thinking
about using it, so ideally you should be exploring how you could make it work for you.

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