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If you use Twitter you may have seen #FF or #FollowFriday. Maybe you use this hashtag already. I have some thoughts on getting the best out of them which I have shared below.

Follow Friday has been around for some time (mid Jan 2008), and is a tweet you can send every Friday recommending who your followers should follow.

Why #FF?

Think about what your objective is when you are sending a #FF.  It may be:

  • To massage someone’s ego
  • A genuine recommendation
  • To align your self with another Tweeter
  • To raise your profile with that tweeter
  • To simply be a great person who wants to help your followers

Any of the above is fine!

Send your own #FF – Best Practice

You can of course send your own Follow Friday tweet, and here are some suggestions to help you with this:

  • I always recommend that when you send a Follow Friday that you minimise the characters by using the hashtag #FF (rather than #FollowFriday)
  • Also, help your followers to gauge whether the recommendation is for them. For example, don’t simply do: #FF @LisaMariJones @Aardvark @Meerkat @elephant (and thus fill your 140 characters with people to follow. I am unlikely to click and read the streams and you will have failed.)
  • If you like  them, tell me why. eg. @LisaMariJones Great for tech and social media blogs, @WayneABarclay likes Arsenal for his sins and tweets about tech.
  • Don’t forget that apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck can help you schedule, so you don’t need to set your calendar to remind you every Friday to send one.If you see a good Twitter stream any day of the week, get your tweet ready.

A few resources

  • You can see how Twitter ranks #FFs on the following website here and also get recommendation from this site if you login
  • You can read a history of #FollowFriday here:

For more information on hashtags, see my previous post.

So, get your #FF hashtag at the ready and get some real value from it.  I’ll be watching!

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