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Would you like to be able to call people without having their phone number and save money on calls? Read on!

There’s an app (for iPhone, Android etc..) called PlingM. It’s simple (and free) to download – it takes seconds to setup an account. Once you have downloaded it, you can then sync it to your LinkedIn (and Facebook) contacts, and then use it to call these people without knowing their phone numbers…

Great if:

  • You don’t know their number
  • They change it without telling you (how dare they!)
  • You do “global” calls to your candidates and clients

Some of our recruitment clients use this on global campaigns – takes the sting out of the cost of hire.

Have a play and don’t forget to encourage your network to have a play – they’ll be able to call you too!

It could keep you connected to them (even if they change their number / move company) and save you a small fortune in the process!

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