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Prepare yourselves for a little tongue in cheek...

There have been a few famous duos in our time; Daffy and Donald Duck, Will Smith and Carlton Banks, Sherlock and Holmes, Beavis and Butthead... and now Campbell and Jones.

I am a bit excited to be "on stage" with the lovely Jonathan Campbell from Social Talent who's nipping across from sunny Ireland to run a session with me in Manchester for recruiters - and this is thanks to Bullhorn for sponsoring the event.

Wednesday 9 Oct, The Studio, Manchester 08:00-10:00

The event opens for coffee and pastries (important!) at 08:00, starting at 08:25, ending at 10am.  (Late attendees will have to co-present...)

"Sourcing Candidates: Better, Faster, More" with Jonathan Campbell, CEO - Social Talent

Get ready to find 4 times more candidates from your own database, job boards and LinkedIn; learn how to improve the quality of the candidates in your searches and most importantly, learn how to pipeline these great candidates into your inbox as soon as they become available!

"Sourcing Job Leads Even if You're Swimming in ££Money" with Lisa Jones, Director - Barclay Jones

So you think you have enough job leads? All recruiters need more - even if they are up to their noses in leads. They need to see what their clients are doing, what their competitors are working, as well as have more choice over what they work. Every recruiter needs to know how to source jobs and Lisa will show you some quick and dirty tips on how to do this using social media.

We'd love to see you there.  We're limiting the event to 2 tickets per firm, so, please book here asap, or see the ticket form below.

So, a double act on social recruiting... I'm thinking Mulder and Scully!  What do you think? (Here's some more famous duos if you have 5 mins to kill...)

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