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The lovely team at APSCo have asked me to run a webinar for their UK members (and it’s timed so that their International members can attend too!)

Not only that but they’re really happy for non-members to attend.

Who wants to advertise their jobs better?  Who wants better quality applications? Who wants to attract passives?

The webinar is for recruiters who want better quality applicants for their jobs (who doesn’t??)

We all want better (not more) applicants for our jobs. LinkedIn of course is a great place to advertise - but there are some special ways that you can advertise for free without buying job slots. 

In this webinar I will give you ideas to:

  • Help you write your advert better
  • Advertise in ways that other recruiters are not
  • Advertise in places that other recruiters are not
  • Get your job seen and attract passive talent

This webinar is for recruiters who want better applications for their jobs.

Join this webinar and get some real ROI from 55 minutes of tips from a LinkedIn EMEA partner and APSCo Affiliate (that’s me!)

**Please note a maximum number of 2 people per company will be accepted, this enables as many recruitment businesses to benefit- thank you.

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