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We are running a free webinar for recruiters on Friday 21 March, 11am GMT.

This webinar is for recruiters who want to get the most from LinkedIn group membership. 

There are nearly 2 million LinkedIn groups. The fact that you can be a member of nearly 70 (50 parent and 20 sub groups) is not an indication that you'll get value. 

In this webinar Lisa Jones (an affiliate of APSCo) will give you ideas to help you really get ROI from being a group member. 

ROI is not about the volume of groups you have on your profile - it's about sourcing talent, finding new business and increasing your profile to passive talent. 

Join this webinar and get some real ROI from 60 minutes of tips from a LinkedIn EMEA partner and APSCo Affiliate.

To register click here.  

(If you're not sure if you are an APSCo member, register anway - APSCo have opened this webinar for non-members too! They're good like that!)

See you on the webinar.

We run LinkedIn for Recruiters courses for time-starved recruiters, who think they have a handle on LinkedIn, but want to improve their profile, increase their relevant application response and place more jobs. Read about the courses here.

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