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Are you a recruiter? Do you need more leads, candidates and clients – I rarely get a “no”.  I often though get asked about “quick and dirty” tips for rock-lifting to see what other people may not find.

Check out the following areas of the typical company page on LinkedIn and see what you can find:

  1. If the company is updating their status – what are they saying? New staff, new products etc..? Who is liking/commenting on it?  Is the status update a lead (Job, expansion plans etc..) Are the engagers ideal clients / candidates?
  2. Do they have any jobs on their careers pages? (Obvious tip, sorry!) And who is the poster of the job?  Are they are a great ideal contact?
  3. What products and services are they marketing? Who are the points of contact (look on the right for up to 3 names)? Who has recommended these products?
  4. Look at the Insights tab – recent departures, employees with new titles – gorgeous info!  Also see the People Also Viewed widget at the bottom… competitor list!  Where have staff come from (which companies should you also be aware of?)  Also, who are the most recommended?

Most -Recommended -Linked In -Candidate -Sourcing

Where to start?

  • Check out your clients (real or potential).
  • Check out businesses that you consider to be “talent pools”. What updates are they posting? Who is interacting with the brand? Are they ideal candidates?
  • ** Important note – are you checking out your competitors’ company pages to see what they are up to?? I hope so! Their own clients will be recommending them… nice way to see who is buying from who!

Don’t forget to press the lovely Follow button to help you keep tabs… and another lovely tip (I’m in a good mood today) check out who is following the company… anyone in there who could be of use?  The newest followers go to the top, so start checking!

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