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I am a massive fan of lead generation using social media. There needs to be a more tangible reason for recruiters for spending countless hours per month sourcing candidates. I am on a mission to help recruiters generate more tangible business using social tools.

Lots of recruiters claim that they have enough leads (rubbish I say). They talk about needing more candidates (I agree), but I also think that many recruiters may have the wrong vacancies and they are failing to fill them (approx. 3 out of every 10 getting filled is poor!)  See previous post on this Newsflash! Recruiters don’t need vacancies anymore.

“Show me the money”

Now I am about to be a Jerry MaGuire and do the “less clients more money” thing (he got fired, but it worked out in the end). I blogged about recruiters thinking that they need less leads recently (read the blog here). I believe that recruiters need more leads to enable them to:

  • Turn down the ones they can’t work or that don’t add value to their offering (god forbid they setup a new venture / partner with another recruiter to fulfil on these unwanted jobs)
  • Train their clients (and candidates) to respect them
  • Have choice over what they work on
  • Gain more knowledge on how their sector is operating and if paying to advertise on LinkedIn works

And don’t get me started on the fact that the vacancies you work are a reflection on you. Advertising jobs which are not really your thing is dangerous and brand-eroding. But recruiters have had such a bad time of it that they’re scared of saying no.

I sometimes have to say no to clients if they don’t value my offering or I genuinely can’t help them. I hate doing it (I’d do my job for free if I could, I love it that much) but I am also in this for the long haul and I believe you reap what you sow. Who I work with and what I do is a reflection of me and my brand. This is no different for recruiters and the jobs they work on.

So, I am very much of the opinion that recruiters need more leads; they need more choice over what they work on. They need more control over their environment. “If you build it they will come” etc…

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to generate leads on social media (and this is even if you genuinely believe you have enough of the right vacancies):

  • Inspiration on how to write your next advert
  • Market sector research – who and what is being advertised, for how much and by whom?
  • Are your clients two-timing you? Are they advertising their own jobs, or worse using another recruiter?
  • What are your competitors advertising (and are they inadvertently hinting at who they are working for?)
  • Does advertising on LinkedIn using the paid-for adverts actually work (it’s fair to assume that if another recruiter is paying to advertise on LinkedIn then it works as I rarely meet a recruiter with money to burn)
  • And obviously finding jobs you want to work on and that you can fill in a jiffy

A Little Gem to Help you Today

Linked In Hidden Gem Ever seen a job on LinkedIn with this hidden gem icon in the top right corner?

Linked In On Fire Job VacancyOr this one which is On Fire?

Hidden Gems are jobs which have receive less than 5 applications (translated as “Recruiters – get yourself on the phone and rescue the client please!”

On Fire roles have received more than 50 applications (translated as “Recruiters, this is a good job, the right content, salary and opportunity, so study this carefully!”)

So, do you have enough of the right vacancies, or do you want to have more choice over what you work on?

Want to Know How to Generate Leads using Social Media?

I love showing clients how to generate leads using social media and giving them choices and knowledge (and £$€). I ran a webinar for APSCo members on this last week (perhaps you were there?)

See my Slideshare presentation for the slides I used to run a webinar for APSCo members.

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