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Google+ - That Formidable Bit of Kit That You May Feel a Little Weird About? Meh!

The kit that often leaves me feeling “all the gear no idea?” when I look at some recruiters and their approach to it.

Perhaps (you’re normal) and can’t quite put your finger on what it will do for you?

Not sure if it should be part of your “mix”?

Gary Said…

I attended InboundUK last year (thanks PH Creative for putting on a great show!) and the massively influential (LinkedIn Influencer) Gary Vaynerchuk was a keynote speaker.

Someone in the audience had the audacity to ask about Google+.

Time slowed down…

I held my breath…

I’d been waiting for someone to talk “sense” about it…

Yes, it’s clever, beautifully built (in my humble view), stands on everyone’s shoulders, is linked to every system (it seems) out there…

But a recruiting system? Really?  Do recruiters, who on the whole really haven’t got to grips with LinkedIn, Twitter and their own internal CRM/ATS, really have time for ANOTHER social system…?

And Gary said…

I’m waiting for Google+ to become important

I flippin’ fell off of my chair.

Oh, Go on Then!

It would be remiss of me to totally blank Google+ - I do use it myself – I really like it.

It has some “cool” features. It’s a very “connected” system.  Yes, it’s more “social” than LinkedIn, but in the real world the average candidate and clients is more “G+” (informal) than “LinkedIn” (formal) in terms of their normal behaviour…

6 Cool Features of Google+

  1. Circles
    You can create Circles and add anybody to them. People will be told about this but they won’t know what circle they have been added to which allows you to target posts to specific groups (circles) on Google.  People don’t have to be following you to be added to your circles.
    (Sneaky tip – add people from a specific industry to a circle and then target related jobs and news to them)
  2. Communities
    A great way to share content with people that have shared interests. Communities contain diverse groups of users that have actively chosen to be in that group. That means they are likely to be more active and receptive to your posts.
  3. Photos
    Make your posts more attractive with Google+ online editing tool kit. Visual posts are more popular than plain text so appeal to passive candidates by spicing up images to catch their eyes. Quokka's rule (check out the recently newsworthy happiest photo in the world image).
  4. Hangouts
    Conduct webinars, interviews, even attend meeting with Google+ Hangouts. They are a practical way to conduct real-time meetings, offering a better alternative to phone calls.  And a great mobile on the go option too (I even “hangout” with my kids!)
  5. Events
    Use Google+ Events to plan your time more effectively. Book in hangouts, personalise event pages and sync events with your Google diary. This will enable recruiters to save time which will ultimately allow them to source better.
  6. Local
    Get your company found with Google+ Local. This allows you to review local companies and find local companies. Make this work for you by having the top rating for a recruitment firm in your local area!

There’s obviously more great features. It’s a pretty beautiful it of kit, integrates nicely with so many other systems – what a shame that some of you haven’t added a 5 min job to your workflow to try and master it! (Or are you “waiting for it to become important”?)

Google+ is designed to improve SEO and to enable effective sharing of content. Recruitment marketers and recruiters should master Google+ so that they can share content more effectively, be seen online (attract) and boost their website’s ranking!

What do you think?  Is Google+ “important” to you?

(Thanks to Bond International for publishing this blog)

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