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I ran a webinar on Friday.  It is part of Barclay Jones’ monthly #RecruitClever series.

The topic: How recruiters can actually use Twitter.  The premise being that most recruiters I speak to, although they are on Twitter, cannot give me a reason, a return or a positive, passionate slant on what it does for them.

What Does Every Recruiter Want?

If you’re a recruiter, you’re likely to want the following:

  • Profile – A profile which acts as Obi-Wan Kenobi – whilst being viewed by passives (clients and talent), it conducts Jedi-mind tricks and persuades the viewer that connecting with you is a really good thing!
  • Jobs – Jobs which are not only great potential fees, but ultimately look gorgeous and even the (right) passives will read them and apply.
  • Time - you need more time to source, attract and talk to your community
  • Boss – A boss who gets off of your back and lets you get on with the job(!!!)

… and you ideally also want an approach to social media which is super quick and attracts only the right people (and not lots of “randoms” who can’t read but are really ambitious). The problem is that Twitter doesn’t seem to offer immediate value.

Twitter is not a Silver Bullet (but then what is?)

Check out the Storify stream from the lovely recruiters who tweeted throughout the webinar.

We also received some gorgeous feedback on our Facebook page from our community: 

Amazing training on the #RecruitClever Webinar from Lisa Jones!!

I can't express what a positive impact Lisa has had on my recruitment. Love the webinars and training. Three words to describe Lisa: talented, funny and passionate about working smartly and using your common sense to make the most out your social media.


We are running these monthly sessions to give our clients and the wider recruiting community a chance to step back from their assumptions about how social media works as a recruiting tool.  We have 2 goals for our clients:

  • That they use social media strategically to market their business, grow their brands and achieve their business’ goals
  • That the consultants within the business use social recruiting tools tactically to deliver their recruitment process.

Register for next month: 10 things to do before 10am in 10 minutes  on Friday 28 November.  Hope to see you there.

Check out the Slides for How Recruiters can Actually Use Twitter


We are running Twitter for Recruiters courses for time-starved recruiters, who either think they have a handle on Twitter, or they just don't get where it fits into their recruitment or business process. Read more about the courses here


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