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Take a deep breath, cock you ear and listen carefully.  I’m going to mention the phrase “Instagram for Recruitment”.

You will always hear me say that you should focus on what works and that diluting yourself all over every social media site going is not a strategy. Yes, I get that Instagram is yet another system to paralyse your time with, but have a read of the below and see if you can squeeze it in as a “lite” system to help you with your social media strategy.

Insta-Guokkas Rock

The recent guokka photobomb became the “happiest photo” in 2015’s competition.

Images dominate the web and thus should have a massive part of your “pick me pick me” approach to marketing.

Plus, with some of our own clients beginning the Instagram journey… I wanted to put forward my Instagram Strategy for busy recruitment marketers.


You want a strategy which at least achieves:

  1. External candidate attraction
  2. Internal candidate attraction
  3. Client attraction

Recruiters are often so fixated on points 1 that they neglect 2 and 3 – but they are all equally important.

Think about how you can use Instagram to attract clients and internal/external candidates. 

Hint: posting pictures of you and the team / office / your lunch will only take you so far (it will be great for strategy point 2 though!)


You DON’T need to use a mobile phone to post – I use Gramblr to post from my pc!

There’s lots of juicy apps to help you on your journey (analytics, sourcing, posting, stats) – these make the experience easier to manage and get ROI from.


What’s your content strategy?  Sounds complex, but it’s easy! Imagine you’ve posted 20 piccies?  What are they about? What story do they tell? Who will you be attracting with them?

You need to think about what you should be posting, and ideally at least daily.

Images which can start you off:

  • Jobs
  • Your business / office
  • Your staff
  • Events
  • Happy talent
  • Branding and Logos
  • Feedback Scores
  • Things your clients and candidates are likely to care about (tech / movies etc…)

BUT – the most important images are likely to be the ones you share!  Think about who you need to follow to give you content.

AND – the following image types should be at the top of your image list.  Images which have:

  • Landscapes
  • Have “surprise”
  • Smiles
  • Cuteness

… are what you should be aiming for – according to psychologists (they’re brainy so I trust them).


  • 300,000 million users
  • Photos with faces get 38% more likes
  • You can shoot 15 second videos – how about that for a speedy job post?
  • Instagram has a compelling 50/50 split of male to female users
  • Alexa ranks the site as 29th (Linkedin and Twitter rank around the 10-12 mark) so this is a respectable stat
  • We spend on average 4 mins per visit (LinkedIn is 7 mins)
  • Nearly 20% of the traffic to Instagram comes direct from a Google search (important!)


  • The word “love” is the most hashtagged
  • 83% of Instaposts have hashtags
  • Use fabulous Keyhole website to study who is using certain hashtags (it’s great for sourcing too!)

Buy a Guokka and Get Instragramming

The system is dead simple to setup.  Get your bio keyworded and with a lovely branded thumbnail.

 Follow the right feeds to “feed” you stuff to share.

 Show the personality of your firm.

 Oh! And go buy a guokka and teach it to photobomb – you’ll nail Instagram!

(Oh! And follow our Instagram account.

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