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Facebook is a beast, a leviathan, the biggest social network in the world, and yet, one all too frequently poorly understood by the recruitment industry.

Yes organic page reach is down, and yes it is not LinkedIn; people will not just be using it for work and they might not always have up to date job details on there. But with well over a billion monthly active users it is the biggest database of talent you will ever find as a recruiter, so I want to give you the statistics you need to prove that you can’t afford to keep ignoring it. (And let’s not assume that people on LinkedIn are there for professional or work-related reasons – they often aren’t even sure why they created an account and are not active either!)

Facebook v LinkedIn

On an average day 600,000,000 people will log into Facebook, which compares to 35,000,000 for LinkedIn, that’s 17 times more! So if only 1 in every 17 people were using Facebook for work and kept their work details up to do date then it would be a database on par with LinkedIn and thus worth a search. However the fact of the matter is far more than 1 in every 17 people use Facebook for work.

1 in 5 status on Facebook are work related

…and on average 1 in 5 of every Facebook user’s friends are work contacts. You are also more likely to get engagement during work hours, as 29% of people go on Facebook whilst at work, while only 8% of people check their LinkedIn whilst at work.  This equates to:

  • 174,000,000 of Facebook users check their Facebook whilst at work
  • 2,800,000 of LinkedIn users check their LinkedIn whilst at work

Great for FBI Agents (or Recruiters)

Another interesting statistic regarding Facebook is that 25% of people have no-privacy settings turned on, thus allowing you to see their information and posts, despite the fact you are not friends with them. This is unlike LinkedIn where you can only see up to 3rd Degree connections. You can also send messages to anyone who is a friend of a friend on Facebook, so if you build a sizeable work related community on Facebook you will rapidly develop a network of people you can message on a similar scale to that which you have already acquired on LinkedIn.

Recruiters Need to get Jiggy with It

Despite its huge potential, only 22% of recruiters are using Facebook for recruitment. However they are doing this to their own detriment, because although more recruiters were using Twitter to recruit, only 12.7% has successfully placed a candidate via Twitter, whilst 16.7% of recruiters had placed a candidate via Facebook, as revealed by a survey conducted by Bullhorn Reach.

Stop Checking the Same Room for your Keys

According to a recent YouGov poll a whopping 65% of the UK’s online population had used Facebook In the past month, compared to only 13% for LinkedIn. This means all of your trawling of LinkedIn for talent is only checking one room in your house over and over again for the keys you lost. Getting on Facebook is like starting to look in all the other rooms, and you might just find what you’re looking for!  We get that LinkedIn is a fantastic source of candidates (and we blog and record videos about it)– we just want to make sure that recruiters touch all bases and get to the talent quickly.

Check out the Facebook Statistics for Recruiters in our Infographic.

Facebook For Recruiters Infographic

So now you have all the statistics to prove that you need to start social recruiting via Facbeook, but where to start? Well start using graph search and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of features it has. You can search for people based on words in their job description, their location, and by who their current employer is, and much more. So no excuses, get out there and start using Facebook for social recruiting!

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