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LinkedIn recently published its Talent Trends Survey for 2014.  LinkedIn surveyed over 18,000 fully-employed workers across 26 countries.  The report is packed with useful and enlightening stats that you as a recruiter needs to  know about.

Passive Talent is the New Black

First of all, it highlights the reality that with a few noticeable exceptions, most talent is generally going to be passive (ie. not actively looking for a new job). Taking the global average, three quarters of LinkedIn users are passive, and the UK is not far from that average, with only 26% seeking different employment, and only 11% classing themselves as ‘actively looking’. This is important for recruiters to realise when using LinkedIn or other forms of social media, because constant job posts with no other content is going to do nothing but put off three quarters of your audience. (We’ve talked about this before, a lot!). 

Yet the survey reveals the equally interesting trend that whilst the majority of professionals on LinkedIn are not actively looking to move roles, a considerable majority would be open to considering it.

Only 15% declare themselves to be completely satisfied in their current job

Thus a whopping 85% would not totally ignore you when you interact with them, provided you talk sense and give them what they need.

What does Talent Want?

We’re all pretty selfish online.  Few of us get out of bed and plan to waste time online – we go online to solve a problem, find out something, buy something, engage with others.

According to LinkedIn a large body of passive talent is willing to talk to a recruiter – but what do they want to hear?

Luckily LinkedIn’s Talent Trends have yet more useful insights to answer this question. They surveyed the professionals on what would be the top reason they would consider changing jobs for, and on what factors they considered to be least important when considering a career move.

I’ve created an infographic to highlight some areas that recruiters need to be aware of. 

Think about the content you can find / write / share that turns on the average candidate

…(that is one statement I do NOT want you to take literally).

Linkedin Talent Trends 2014 Statistics

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