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No recruiter has enough job leads… I really believe that although many recruiters claim to be overwhelmed, many are in fact overwhelmed with the wrong kind of leads.

Hence I get a bit giddy when I can show them how to search for leads and help them choose (god forbid!) what they work on.

Even if you are one of the gorgeous few who does actually have enough leads, you may want to do the odd crazy thing like check out if your clients are doing a little DIY or if they are having an affair with a competitor.

Now in 2011 Twitter was reported as being 3 x as effective as LinkedIn in attracting applications (thanks Bullhorn Reach for conducting your regular eye opening surveys across the recruitment globe).  Twitter is still a massively powerful force, albeit a REALLY noisy one, hence many recruiters can’t see the wood (#leads) for the trees (#jobs). So here’s one of my favourite tips to help you get some ROI from your precious time on social media.

TwitJobSearch – not just for Twits

TwitJobSearch is a search engine for Twitter – in other words it spiders Twitter for Jobs, puts them in a lovely box and free of charge lets ANYONE (even mere mortals without a Twitter account) search them. I have yet to demo this to a client without them have a cute smile on their face at the end…

Give it a go – it’s beautifully easy to use and I say again, even if you are a Twitter sceptic and don’t tweet, you don’t even need an account to gain value.   Search for:

  • Your ideal jobs to work on
  • Your clients’ (real or ideal) names to see if they are advertising (or who is advertising for them)
  • Your competitors – are they advertising on Twitter?

If you’re interested in lead generation using social media, check out this blog with APSCo and the fact that I running a free webinar for APSCo members on 12 July.  I’d love to see you there.

Let me know how you get on with TwitJobSearch (I only want 10% of what you bill ;) 

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