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How many profile views do you get on LinkedIn per day? And what do you do when you see that someone has looked at your profile? And how do you generate these views? Do you know the power of this tool and how it can help you generate more contacts and business?

Exciting stuff

When someone views my profile I get really giddy! Why? Because it means that I am being found, sometimes even accidentally.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if it is a camel herder from Egypt, I do tend to calm down and get a little perspective, but if it is my client bases (recruiters and b2bs), well, my heart rate skips a little.

You may think that I’m a cheap date (my hubby would agree), but this is what social media is all about – getting found online!

Remember though, it’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it that counts!

How to Improve Profile Views

We run lots of LinkedIn sessions for recruiters and B2Bs and one of the targets I set in them is to improve their current rate of profile views. Clients get really excited when this works and they start to generate more traction and meetings! LinkedIn is a massive door opener and meeting generator… the rest is up to them!

Tips for generating more relvant profile views; some things to think about:

  • I try to run a monthly LinkedIn poll and market it to my contacts database – this keeps me in their thoughts, and when they respond, their contacts respond too – bingo! This massively affects my views.
  • I target who my ideal contacts are and am not afraid to send a LinkedIn invite – making sure that I send a positive and brief message about why we should connect on LinkedIn.
  • I update my LinkedIn status at least daily to make sure that I remain in the peripheral vision of my contacts
  • I keep active in groups to keep “my pecker” up
  • Lots more, but the above are just for starters

Action your Profile Views

I have a mouse and am not afraid to use it! If my ideal contact looks at me, I connect with them. Why not? I really think that LinkedIn is like clubbing (see previous blog on this) and (in my single days) I didn’t go out to look at the floor! I at least wanted a chat and a dance!

If an existing contact looks at me, I am likely to touch base with them. It would be safe to say that we all trade with people that we stay in touch with.

So, how many profile views do you get a day… and what do you do to get them? What do you do once you have seen who’s looking at you… come on, don’t be shy!

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