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For the record I am totally loving LinkedIn Publisher.  I love it so much that I post regular (weekly) content on it and it is massively improving my LinkedIn profile views and overall visibility.

I’ve even created video to help you lovely recruiters see how you can get the most out of – even if you have absolutely nothing to say.

  • I review why you should publish content and give you some nifty tips on how to use LinkedIn Publisher.  (Images, YouTube videos, headings and link…)
  • I review how to get your Twitter followers to get engaged with your LinkedIn profile so you can widen you community
  • I review how you can see who is following you and thus your posts (even if they’re not connected to you, and some interesting stats around this
  • Bear in mind that if you do not have the magic pencil in your status update window on your homepage, you may be able to apply for LinkedIn Publisher here: http://specialedition.linkedin.com/publishing/ - it states that the waiting list is full and to keep checking back…
  • I review why you should NOT use it for jobs (and I know that some of you naughty recruiters are).  Check out the terms for LinkedIn Publisher and note that they don’t want you be self-servingly advertising a service or business - #jobs #job #yawn #spam.
  • I review how you can follow people on LinkedIn without being connected to them (FBI style)
  • I review how to attract attention with LinkedIn Publisher – without publishing anything at all (magic!)

I created a LinkedIn Publisher post recently about How Recruiters can actually use Twitter.  It did pretty well and as a result it trended in LinkedIn’s Pulse (nice!)  This of course got it seen by loads more people and gave me more profile views and of course connections.

You can search for posts in your drop down search bar – I’m not mad about the lack of search filters in this, but at least I can search by keyword.

Thanks to the Undercover Recruiter for publishing this blog.

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