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LinkedIn have begun rolling out Showcase Pages to everyone – a new feature available as part of a Company Page.

How are recruiters going to actually benefit from this new feature?

I cracked open a bottle of wine and put my thinking cap on (I can’t think when I’m sober!)

How about:

  • Creating a jobs page for each of your sectors and posting jobs to those pages – creating a job board for specific people to follow – who’d have thought it?
  • Creating a page for internal recruitment – god forbid you market your own internal roles…?
  • Creating sector-specific pages for awesome sector-specific content – really show your contacts that you know your stuff!
  • Create a page just for your blog? Oh yes! (but PLEASE ensure that your blog is not one of those boring ones that just talks about YOU – 2nd dates don’t often to people who talk about themselves all day long).

In other words, create Showcase Pages where you have content that’s worth sharing and content that your audience gives a damn about.

But, some things though that need to change to add a bit more of a spring to my step:

  • When viewing a Showcase Page I can’t see an easy way of getting back to the company page (or seeing which other showcase pages there are…). Yes I can click on the Show More button and then the link back, but that’s not speedy navigation!
  • I think it would be good if whatever content I post to my showcase pages automatically updates my home page newsfeed – do you agree? Or at least gives me the choice?
  • It asks me to add featured groups then doesn’t show them on the page unless I click onto followers (???)
  • I’m wondering how searching companies will be affected by these pages (what’s the plan LinkedIn?)
  • I can’t see these pages from the LinkedIn App.
  • Are products and services being retired? I see lots of overlap here… I see dead people…
  • When will I be able to easily share the showcase page with my network? (Sharing buttons please – or at least make the page sharable – images and content don’t follow through to systems like Buffer – boo!)

By the way, I’m loving the new feature and how I can use it to target my content – it makes me happy. Let me know what your plan is for capitalising on this new LinkedIn Showcase pages feature in the comments below.

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  1. how do I get to your showcase page from Barclays page?

    alice owens

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