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Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? Do you use your Specialities field to add keywords to your profile to help with searches? Better check quick as LinkedIn are removing it… here’s what’s going on and what you need to do to fix it.

As part of our recruitment technology offering, we run LinkedIn training for our clients, and I have noticed that when running sessions some attendees would have the specialties field and some would not.  There are various blogs mentioning this (right back to March this year), but nothing that I can see from LinkedIn themselves, and certainly nothing about the fact that they were going to DELETE my content!

I asked LinkedIn about this and after a long-winded wait I received a response akin to “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. I am getting a lot of these frustrating interactions lately (eg. the settings button in Company follows has disappeared too, etc…)

Today I have just run a session and my specialities have gone (and my content has been deleted !!!!!)

Why is this a problem?

Because, many training providers (including LinkedIn themselves) advised on key-word stuffing this field. So, for example, if you are a recruiter, using job titles, sector specialities etc… was a sure fire way of helping your LinkedIn rankings (and ultimately appearing in searches for candidates which expose you to more clients).

Now that this field has been unceremoniously removed (thanks for letting us know) our data has been removed – this is not friendly LinkedIn! I have scoured the LinkedIn blogs and can see no reference to this change or that data is being removed from LinkedIn profiles.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

Just when you thought you had your profile nailed down, you now need to nip in and get jiggy with your keywords.

By the way, if you still have your specialities (I notice a few of my clients still do), then nip in and copy them into your summary to keep them safe.  If you don’t, you’ll have a 5 minute job to get everything back to how it was before.

Some people may feel that the new Skills and Endorsements option has superseded this area… I’m not so sure and the bugs / issues I am finding with Skills leaves me feeling that I’d rather stick with the old system until LinkedIn can fix / iron out any rough edges.


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