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I have blogged a few times about Recruitment CRMs and LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters.  Hoping this tip will help too.

Using your CRM should be the best way to log the communication between you and your candidates.  It helps to speed up and give visibility to the recruitment process and activity. But if you are without their CV, then creating a record in order to communicate with the candidate can be time consuming.

If your CRM parses PDF CVs, you can press the PDF button (at the bottom of the candidate’s blue box) on the LinkedIn profile of your candidate and hey presto! you have a document that you can use to add the candidate quickly to your recruitment CRM.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Question:  What does your Privacy Policy, Data Protection and Disclaimer state?  Should you be mass parsing CVs where the candidate has not sent you their details (and thus given permission)?

One thing to think about though, is that if the candidate cannot get you their CV, but you have spoken with them, that you can still create a record from their LinkedIn profile in order to begin your recruitment workflow via your CRM. (God forbid you correspond with your candidate without using your CRM to log your conversations!)

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