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How often do you log into LinkedIn?  And when you do, what’s the reason?  Do you simply use it to link up with someone you know or have just met?  Do you use it to research people you are about to meet? Or do you use it to see what’s happening in your world?

How often do you look at your Homepage on LinkedIn?  It’s worth making sure that you build this into your (at least daily) routine.

Looking at your Homepage can give you access to all sorts of features which in the very least will:

  • Give you an idea of who is looking at you– well the point of being on LinkedIn is being seen and approachable…
  • Give you an idea of what’s happening in your network – bear in mind that the people you are connected to will be taking part in all sorts of LinkedIn activity (updating their Status, taking part in Polls and Discussions etc…)
  • If you work in a Sales capacity, keeping an eye on who your network is connecting with will give you valuable leads into new clients and sectors.
  • If you work in a recruitment capacity it can give you valuable leads and insight into who’s who in the sector you recruit into.

Using LinkedIn as a research tool, not simply as one to broadcast your status, is a crucial way of keeping on top of your sector, your network and your own role within it.

Don’t be a dirty stop out… go home every now and a again.  There’s no place like home!

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