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The lovely John Sumser from HR Examiner asked me to appear on his radio show.  What a gent he is too!  He asked me some pretty great questions.

This is what we discussed:

  • I am "on a tear" for improving the image of the recruitment industry - why?
  • Why I feel that social media is simply technology
  • How the UK and US recruitment market differ
  • Why are recruiters so bad at explaining their value
  • How to get social media into business process
  • How can recruiters truly advocate on behalf of their clients and candidates without there being a conflict of interest
  • Why I think that the role of the recruiter should be segmented

It's 30 minutes long - so you have my permission to "download" a glass of wine and listen.

(Thanks John - flattered to be on the show. And thanks Animal - I am now a fully fledged "wine-bibber" #PrivateJoke)


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