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I’m sure that you have seen all of the new formatting that LinkedIn have released recently. They have also just released a new Skills and Expertise endorsements feature, so I wanted to document it for you here. This is definitely one feature that will help you generate more contacts and confidence.

It goes without saying that if people look at your profile and they see that others have recommended you and they either know the referees of they are of a similar ilk, that will massively help your personal brand and contact levels.

Your contacts can now review the skills that you have added to your profile and “endorse” them. You can have up to 50 skills on your profile, but it looks like the 1st 10 you add are given priority on your profile, so use them wisely.

Your contacts can even add new skills to your profile.

You will often be asked while in someone’s profile whether you want to endorse anyone else…

Every time someone comes into your profile now they will be bombarded with this new feature…

Once they have endorsed you, their profile photo will appear to the right of your skill.

So, what are you going to do about this new feature?  How can you capitalise on it?  

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Make sure that your skills are up to date and a true reflection of your expertise. Perhaps even think about reducing them – some profiles are absolutely littered with random skills that are probably un-endorseable (word?).
  2. Encourage your contacts to endorse you (and don’t rush to your team mates for back scratching… you know what that will look like!)
  3. Endorse your contacts too!

If you are a recruiter, think about how it will look to your candidates and clients if no-one has endorsed your recruitment/sector experience… get on and get looking good! 

Let me know how you get on.

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