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So I have been raising the profile of our social media over the last month. How you may wonder? Well the answer is post optimisation.

How is this relevant to recruitment? Well recruiters, your social marketing is no different to mine. Posts will only be read if people are online to read them and there are of course, optimal times to post content.

Want to know how to increase leads online?

What are the best days to post on LinkedIn?

How does adding photos to you posts make them get more likes and comments?

Here is a breakdown of the key times to post across networks:

Peak Times:

Facebook            1pm to 4pm
Twitter                 Mondays to Thursdays 1pm to 3pm
LinkedIn              Tuesdays to Thursdays
Pinterest             Saturday mornings
Google+               9am to 10am

Worst Times:

Facebook            Weekends before 8am and after 8pm
Twitter                 Everyday after 8pm (Fridays after 3pm)
LinkedIn              Mondays and Fridays 10pm to 6am
Pinterest             Normal working hours
Google+               Early Mornings and Evenings

This isn’t all there is to optimising posts however!
Another key thing to consider is posting pictures and videos!

People love being engaging by different forms of media! On every platform (including LinkedIn) pictures and videos are the most powerful form of content. Posting good, visual content will boost online interaction, especially if posted at optimal times!

Take a look at the infographic below for even more information on optimal posting times.

Optimum _times InfographicCredit to FastCompany for creating this infographic

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