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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites on the planet right now, and just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date with its stunning success we thought we would fill you in on how you’re missing out.

Rapid Growth 

Started up in 2010, Pinterest’s growth has been exponential, reaching 10 million unique visitors a month faster than any other standalone site in history, and it is continuing to skyrocket. It reached approximately 70 million unique monthly users by 2014 - hence a great place to search for talent and the content they share. As well as this it is fantastic platform to engage with the crucial passive talent, and keep yourself in their peripheral vision.

As the 12th most visited site in the US, and 21st most in the UK, it is clear that a good proportion of the talent you want to attract are going to be on the platform. It is particularly popular with the increasingly important generation Y (Millennials), with an impressive 27% of them using Pinterest at least monthly.

What Pinterest Does Best 

So it’s a bit nifty, but still hardly got the potential of LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+

I hear you thinking. Well that is where you are wrong! Because in some areas Pinterest completely surpasses those platforms. More brands have Pin It buttons than Facebook Like or Google+ buttons (which are the two largest social media sites by active users), and Pinterest refers more than double the amount of traffic to other websites than Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest users love great content and are more than willing to go to external sites to read/see more, so Pinterest is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your website and tempt passive talent into reading your content and thus being more willing to engage you if you opt to reach out to them.

A Feminine Touch 

Pinterest is particularly popular with women, 80% of users are women and 94% of Pinterest’s activity is driven by women. This makes it a fantastic place to reach out to female talent and attract them. Given that about 60% of LinkedIn’s monthly users are male, and approximately 57% of Google+ users are male, Pinterest represents a great opportunity to rebalance the differential between genders online, so you can attract talent you want to find.

So take a look our Infographic to get clued up on Pinterest, and start attracting talent better than ever! But don’t get sucked into a box ticking exercise, make sure you are getting ROI from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn first. 

Pintrest Statistics Infographic

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