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I have written a few bogs about Pinterest recently (some stats and 10 tips for success), and wanted to add some ideas for Recruiters and how they can benefit from this massively popular site.

Pinterest has taken the social media world (and the web) by storm. My previous blog on this shows some interesting stats.  I have also blogged about 10 tips for successful use of Pinterest.  Here’s some ideas especially for my recruitment contacts:

  1. Create some boards for your company – board ideas: sector boards, interview tips, job boards, success stories, blogs, basically get some content up there before marketing it (I refer to this as “putting on your makeup before going out…”
  2. Link it up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts – makes social sharing a lot easier and alerts your contacts in these streams to your Pinterest account.
  3. Get jiggy with keywords – people will be searching for you – make it easy for them to find you, even if they don’t know your company name – think sector, client names and typical job titles you advertise.
  4. Make your Bio work – just like your Twitter Bio and your LinkedIn Headline – don’t bore me with just your job title / business name. Add key words that associates you to your brand and the kind of the content you are likely to be sharing (pinning).
  5. Pin individual jobs to it – make sure that you link back to the jobs on your website – keep candidates tapped into your business process.
  6. Pin job searches to it – eg. IT Jobs, sales Jobs – ideally your website should allow for sector/location searches – so pin the search URL to your board.
  7. Pin stuff about your business – eg. photos of your employees, bios, news, blog topics etc…
  8. Note: you will need to think about images that best represent your jobs/content – remember it’s an image-based social media site (don’t forget to give your imageskey-word-driven names).
  9. Pin content to it that helps candidates/clients (eg. interview tips, sector news). No excuses! You will already be reading/ writing this stuff and likely to be updating your LinkedIn/Twitter status’ and Facebook pages with it – so pin it too (don’t forget to add the Pin It button to your tool bar in your internet browser – makes Pinning really easy).
  10. Check out what your competitors are doing – you can also see who is following them and who they are following – great for market intelligence.
  11. Check out what your clients are doing – you can also see who is following them and who they are following AND this could be great for lead gen and excuses to call contacts.
  12. Follow pin boards from thought leaders - this could be Recruitment specialists, sales trainers, people in your sector who have some great content to share. Don’t forget to re-pin this great content – share it with your followers on your boards.
  13. Like and comment on others’ pins – critical for engagement and recruiting more followers to your site.

13… unlucky for some?  I’ll blog about some more as I think of them. Any questions / comments, give me a shout.

In the mean time, check out my Pinterest board– lots of lovely tips and content on social media and recruitment.

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