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Note: The stats below are from 2012 - things have changed (and got better). The latest stats can be found on this blog.

I’m getting asked by a lot of my clients – “Should I be on Pinterest?” so I wanted to post a blog on where it’s at and get you thinking about whether this will help your business.

I never ask any of my clients to join a new social media site without first considering “what’s in it for them”.  We are all too busy to drop everything for the next new craze; I’d rather leave that to those who have time to kill…

But, Pinterest has become a VERY exciting medium and one that I am talking to my clients about, so I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

What is Pinterest?

It is a pin-board style social sharing website – thus you have the ability to grab images / content from the web and pin it to your pin board – people can follow your pin board – thus you share your content that way.

It’s an invitation only site – thus you need to be invited by an existing user to use it (please get in touch via Twitter if you want an invite).

Some stats to whet your appetite

  • Fastest growing site in social media history – it’s currently 16th most popular in the US, and 27th in the UK! (According to Alexa)
  • It is currently sending more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube combined (pretty impressive)
  • It’s not just being used by retailers to flog stuff… General ElectricCarousel Consultancy
  • Demographics – initially very heavily female, but starting to even out
  • 30% of followers earn >$100k
  • Average time on site: 15.8mins (YouTube = 16.4mins, Facebook =12.1mins)
  • Largest chunk of users aged: 25-44

I have setup some Pinterest boards  for my business and it’s going great guns.  I have added it to my Facebook business page and also linked it to Twitter.  It takes no time at all and adding content to it is a breeze.  When I see an article that I like online, I simply pin it to my board – Simples!

I am going to be blogging a little more about Pinterest in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out of you want some tips on how to get it working well for you.  You may even decide to add this blog to your Pinterest pinboard.                    

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