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When I run my social media strategy workshops for Directors, I talk about Pinterest and this is often the response from the room:

What’s that? Isn’t it just pretty pictures which women love looking at?

Then I open my eyes a little wider, sit forward, breath and deliver some stats:

  • 2.5 billion views every month
  • 18th on the Alexa ranking. (LinkedIn/Twitter are 11/12)
  • Microsoft uses it for internal recruitment
  • More brands have Pinterest Pin buttons than Facebook Like / Google +1 buttons
  • On average users spend the same amount of time per visit as they do on LinkedIn
  • You don’t need an account to either use it or get benefit from it (unlike Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  •  (and so on…) – oh and I ask “don’t you recruit women?”

I sit back and then I often get back the following from the room:

  • It’s that easy to setup and maintain?
  • I can create boards for my jobs?
  • You have clients who have had job applications through it?
  • It drives traffic to my website and improves my ranking?

Passionately Practical

Anyone who works with me knows that I am “passionately practical” – I don’t do time wasting, I don’t anything that doesn’t either drive revenue, keep my clients happy or plants seeds to grow my business – and I don’t give advice to recruiters that I wouldn’t give myself.

Do I think that every recruiter needs a Pinterest account? YES!

Do I think that you all need to drop everything and set one up now? NO!

Do I think that it should form an important part of your social media and social recruiting stratetgy? YES!

Do I think that all recruitment leaders need to ensure that they are getting real ROI from the 4 main sites (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook) before embarking on new territory?  YES – I don’t do box-ticking.

So I often need to get my clients focussed on sorting out their current streams and get them looking good and driving ROI – before trying to tick a box and setup something else.

We’re pretty keen on Pinterest at Barclay Jones.  We’ve been blogging about it for some time and we’ve finally gotten around to drawing up some stats to persuade those Pinterest agnostics that it may be worth their time and want to understand what all of the fuss is about.

Oh! And by the way - it's called Pinterest (not Pin-interest!) ;-)

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... and flick through the stats slidedeck below.  It makes interesting reading.

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