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I adore listening to podcasts… I totally love them. I rarely have time to read mags and newspapers. A toddler and a busy business makes for very little free time, but I still want to know what’s going on out there and keep up to date with culture.  I always advise ,my clients to think about this medium…

The history of podcasting has it’s own wiki page, if you really want to get under their skin…

I met with a colleague yesterday, who like me has a business and a family, thus very little free time, and I found myself (hopefully not) boring her on podasts and why I am obsessed with them…

Don’t ask me why, but I have this weird routine:

When I run, I listen to Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review (Hello Jason Isaacs by the way!). It is about 1.5 hours long, informative and has me in fits whilst I probably have the locals in fits watching me run. I also get to grips with the latest movies and plan what my babysitter will be doing me a favour of letting me watch.

I listen to Desert Island Discs whilst cooking – did you know that Alice Cooper was inspired by the Beach Boys?

When I am driving for business, I tend to favour listening to business-related podcasts, or techie podcasts (eg. The Business Weekly or Tech Weekly). I love learning on the fly and making use out of the “dead time” in the car.

We also talk to our clients about this medium.  It may have been around longer than most other social media streams, but it is highly effective.  Many of my clients, like me, travel alot, and have very little time to catch up on reading materals… so what better to be able to listen to content whilst on the road (or running…)

Think seriously about how audio content could help your marketing strategy… even if you only plan to record your blog content.

If you have a smart phone (and 40% of the UK do), then subscribing to and listening to these is so easy, let alone if you have an MP3 player.

All that’s left is for me to start recording podcasts… (Watch this space as we are soon to practice what we preach…)

Any suggestions as to good podcasts? What do you listen to?

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