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I was a guest on the @Animal recruiting radio show yesterday.Read about the show on a previous blog.  And this is (what I think) happened.

I say a “guest” – Travis made a comment at the end about Animal pulling up a chair sitting me down and rolling up a phone book and bashing me over the head with it.  I didn’t see it that way – although when I listened back I did hear myself saying things like “are you going to let me speak?” and “I’d love to be able to finish my sentences”. Oh god I sounded like a school mistress!

If I’m honest I was nervous about appearing.  I’ve heard people have their nether regions ripped off (verbally of course).  But equally, I’ve heard some pretty intelligent people debate with @Animal about recruitment, technology, process, sales etc…

Now I have 2 kids (1.5 and 5) – both boys – both with testosterone levels that are off the graph and are animals in child form – and trust me, because of that I’m not having a 3rd! I was expecting (from listening to previous shows which by the way are all excellent and downright funny!) an absolute nightmare of a show where I am put on the spot, made to justify my style / opinions – but it didn’t happen, instead there was some great questions (albeit a little too much LinkedIn – but to be fair that happens wherever I show up, so fine).

Animal opened the interview with…

“I find it kind of sexy when a woman has a blog full of meaty MEATY postings and constantly tells her readers that they’re kind of stupid … I like it!”

(Not sure that’s what I do.. but hey:

...oops, maybe I do – don’t mean to though, honest!)

He referred to a couple of posts that have been quite popular:
Do Recruiters Have the Right to Privacy Online? Cojones!
Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn!

The Storify of the show can be viewed here. Some of the tweets were pretty funny:

If I want @LisaMariJones to whisper in my ear with her accent and all, would that be considered cheeky?


Pick up the phone !!!! We are headhunters not inmail pushers

Animal – you are a terrible 1st date. “I don’t have to ask….you should just know when to give”.

@LisaMariJones says on the Recruiting @animal Show that we need to jazz up our company page on LinkedIn. Calling marketing now!

wasn’t she on “The Office” ? Ask her to say “Andy” 

A Show critiquing a call in member’s overall social presence and stragedy would be VERY welcome! Platform by Platform

I think that business owners need to pull back web £$ and think about traffic on LI that they are missing out on

So how did I see it?

I thought that @Animal was actually really polite – I was expecting a Bun Fight - instead a lot of questions about LinkedIn, some shouting (fine) but actually huge fun.  I really rate the show – I listen to it while I run.

Listening to the show I am wetting myself – I sound so haughty (is that really me?)

I’ve been invited back (thanks, would love to @Animal)

If you haven’t heard of @Animal – get with the program (literally – here it is).  So many great people have been on it – it’s a hoot, but there’s some pretty serious debate about the recruitment sector.  He has a great following – the people who are his “crew” really support the show too.  I feel like I am part of the @Animal fraternity (menagerie) thanks A.

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