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The role of the recruiter has changed massively in recent years. The areas you need to focus on to make you "successful" are not simply limited to sendouts / in branches / client meetings / placements - you need to be marketers, digital FBI agents and branding specialists (with time machines).  Recruiters need to be strategic marketers too!

Lisa ran a webinar today for recruiters to help them find content and share it - with the aim of helping you to:

  • raise your profile
  • attract talent and clients
  • demonstrate your sector specialisms
  • at lightning speed...
  • ... all crucial

Feedly, Buffer and TLDR are on the menu and I will show you some "power user" tips to get you started / help you speedily attract talent and clients to you.

You are what you read and you are what you share

Having a fabulous personality, 500+ connections and a great LinkedIn photo is not enough - you need to "be" online - a lot! In a mere few minutes a day you can find some great content to help you raise your profile and make you a more effective recruiter in todays' digital world.

I've uploaded the slides for the webinar - take a look - there are some really interesting stats and ideas on the best ways to share and attract.

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  1. Loved it, thank you Lisa.

    You made a comment when talking about Groups that we could go in to our Groups, identify the top 6 and work them heavily. Sounds about right. How do we identify the top 6 - that bit wasn't clear to me.



    Johnny Walker
  2. Thanks,

    I love buffer but was falling down on finding things to fill it with!
    **Setting up Feedly**

  3. Looking forward to the webinar! I am a huge Feedly fan so this video just validates my love for it. Great job!

    Monali Parmar

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