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I'm running a FREE Social Media Strategy webinar with the lovely Megan from Bond Adapt on Friday 26 June. 

This recruiter webinar is designed specifically for leaders and marketers of recruitment companies and focuses on how to ensure you and your team have a practical social media strategy to deliver your business’ goals.  I only work with recruiters so I have some great advice around how to grow your business, pipeline and headcount using digital tools.

  • Date: Friday 26 June
  • Time: 10:00AM – 10:45AM

Social media for many has become a box ticking exercise which has offered little tangible value and can seem like “just more tech” to add to an already busy workload. It has introduced risk to many recruitment firms. And as we all know time = money, it has increased costs for recruitment firms too.

In this webinar, I'll review some strategic and tactical tips that recruitment leaders and marketers can take away to help them understand the real value of social media, both as a brand improver as well as adding real speed and £$€ value to a recruiter’s day to day role.

Want to know more about social media and about the reality of how it can be strategic tool and not just a “necessary evil” or a risk to the business? I’ll help you understand how you can capitalise on social media and grow your business.

You're about to hit 6 months in to the year - use this webinar to help you plan your next 6 months, and ensure that by the time you're tucking into your turkey, you have some tangible goals delivered.

Register for your #RecruitClever Social Media Strategy Webinar here

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