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We help recruiters raise their profile (their own, their employers’ and the clients’ they work with) using social media.

A great way to raise your profile and stay in your contacts’ mind’s eye is to consistently look like a dork online because you can’t spell for toffee!

We’d prefer you to be memorable for better and more positive reasons.

We love the Ginger app as it seems to be the best app  (currently) for recruiters to check for spelling and grammar as they type into social media and other online environments.  Your jobs, vacancies and shared content relies on you getting your updates right and accurate, so don't help candidates and clients disconnect from you because of stupid mistakes.

Even the most educated, “I’ve eaten a dictionary” recruiters have dodgy keyboards.  So watch this video to help you keep your profile raised and your content and job adverts read!

Let me know how you get on.


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