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You may or may not have heard of the tool Facebook has released to help marketers target their desired audience. But as a Recruiter you are going to want to know about it because Facebook Dark posts offer a level of targeting and flexibility which gets marketers drooling, and opens up a fantastic range of options for recruiters utilising social media.

I was introduced to the mysterious and enigmatic concept of the ‘Facebook Dark post’ recently at the InBoundUK conference in Liverpool, where Gary Vaynerchuk, one the most influential figures in the world of social media, announced to a room of people who were clued up on online marketing that the current best value way to market almost anything under the sun was something they had never heard of: Facebook dark posts.

So what exactly is a Facebook dark post?

To put it simply, a ‘dark post’ is a post on a company’s Facebook page which is ‘unpublished’. This means it does not go onto the company’s page for everyone to see. Instead it can only be seen by those people who have been targeted by the post.

But why would you as recruiter possibly want to restrict your own posts from appearing on your company’s feed? Well because by doing so it gives you a whole range of great options to target your content.

Ways to put your social media on hyperdrive 

  • Only target an audience living in a specific locations/areas with news/jobs that are relevant to them. So for example if you are a national recruitment company, you could post jobs in Leeds only to a Leeds audience and jobs in London only to a London audience. Therefore, your followers wouldn’t get bombarded with irrelevant jobs.
  • You could advertise to a certain audience based on keywords in their Facebook profile. So for example you are a recruitment company which operates within many market sectors – you could create a Facebook post geared only towards people in construction, and have only people who work in that field see it, whilst keeping your company feed more general.
  • You can target posts based on language. So if you need to post in multiple languages, because you might be a multi-national recruitment company– dark posts can help you keep your company page relevant to your followers, whilst attracting more from non-English speakers.

“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is.” So How about a test first?

Dark posts also open up an unprecedented opportunity for testing content on social media. This is because they allow firms to put out a post to only a small section of the audience of the page, see how it goes, and see how much interaction and likes the post generate, then consider posting them out to the main page. So you will be able to gain more foresight than master Yoda when it comes to knowing how well a post is likely to go down with your audience!

Target acquired!

So just how targeted can these posts be? The answer is darn close to “as targeted as you could possibly want”. You can configure it so the post goes out only to certain audiences, or excludes certain audiences, or to go only to specified locations. But it goes much further than that, you can set it up so it can only be seen by people of a certain age, gender, or to people only with certain interests or behaviours, and even only to people who are connected with people you specify. This should allow you to market your business and target your job postings only to the people that are going to be really interested in them, and thus get the best value possible when purchasing adds through Facebook, and get the highest click through rate possible on the posts.

Conclusion – join the dark side

Recruiters like going under cover, and now they finally have a way to do so on social media! Dark posts will open up so many new opportunities for recruiters to tailor posts, promote job listings effectively to just the right audience and even get a bit sneaky. Remember dark posts are ‘dark’ because they do not go out on the company’s main page, and can only be seen by the people you have targeted or specified. Talent on the lookout for a new job might be put off interacting with recruitment companies job listings lest they be found out by their current employer, but what if they knew that the post could only be seen by them? You could even set up the post specifically so it cannot be seen by certain people so that current employers won’t be aware of your sneaky dark posts even if they do meet the requirements of how the post was targeted. So what are you waiting for? Come to the Dark side, it is your destiny, and together we can rule the galaxy (of social media recruitment)!

Thanks to UK Recruiter for publishing this blog. 

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