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I often work with recruiters who ask me how they can get ROI (return on investment) from their time online, using social media, doing social recruiting.

My question normally is "What 'I' are you making?" and after they get that I being glib, I ask them what they are measuring.  They often want to measure engagement.

Well newsflash - I'm not convinced that recruiters in the perm world will get engagement with their current approach…

Unless I am certifiable I am not going to "like" or comment on one of your jobs... Really!

Are passive or active job seekers in the permanent recruitment market really going to attract the attention of their bosses, their peers, other recruiters by waving a flag and saying “Hey! This job is great!”

But, if you are a recruiter who wants to keep an eye on your community, wants to see who has started following you, who has connected with you, who has Liked / Commented on your posts.  Maybe they have engaged with one your LinkedIn Publisher posts (if you have any decent content) then LinkedIn Notifications is a good thing to regularly check.

  • It takes seconds
  • It’s right in front you - 1 click!
  • You see things that should make you feel the LinkedIn love

And if the best you can get out of it is to get your community to shut the hell up about the referendum, the weather and how recruiters can learn a lot from meerkats, then you can use it to unsubscribe from your contacts' posts, without being seen or without disconnecting from them.

Here's a teeny weeny vid (2 mins long) to show you what I mean.

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