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I work with a number of recruiters, and they all need good candidates.  In the past, they have all used LinkedIn to find candidates.  They now use it for more than that: they use it to generate leads, and market their approach. How?

With over 90 million users worldwide (and 1 new user every second), LinkedIn has become THE recruitment site…. Let’s face it, when you look at the potential revenue streams that LinkedIn has, it is job adverts and recruitment consultant upgrades…

Recruiters are “all over” LinkedIn, and they use it well for candidate mining and head hunting.  But if they are all on it, how are they getting a competitive advantage? If they all have access to the same candidate pool, and they probably have the same internet speed, then how else could they use LinkedIn to decrease the cost and speed of placement (thus have happier clients?)

Using LinkedIn to candidate mine is so yesterday… I genuinely believe that there is more to LinkedIn than simply being a candidate database.

Are you a recruiter using LinkedIn to Recruit?  What value do you really get out of it?

Is this you?

  • You are “on” LinkedIn, and use it to find candidates
  • You have received no formal training on how to use it to generate leads
  • Your company has no policy on how to use it, or how to market itself using LinkedIn
  • If you have a marketing department, they are not involved in your day to day online approach

Would you prefer?

  1. You want to gain value from being able to speedily research your clients /competitors online? (…and without surfing?)
  2. You want to benefit from having space online to market your approach, while your marketing department focuses on the brand / corporate side?
  3. You want to be able to generate leads using LinkedIn?  (We do go to work to make money after all…)

I asked the 3 questions above to a sales manager of a new client the other day… eyes lit up and he wanted to know more.  Don’t you?

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