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UK Recruiter have asked me to speak at Recruitment Live on Tuesday 25 November 2014.  I’m pretty excited as it is one of the flagship events for the recruiting industry in the UK.

Hope I will see you there.  It’s a pretty massive event.  This is what they have to say about it:

Recruitment Live is a unique and ground breaking event for the recruitment industry.

This two day event provides the opportunity for recruiters to meet and discuss industry issues with their peers and representatives, formulate new strategies and approaches to the business of recruiting and discover the cutting edge ideas, products and services that will help them achieve more.

6 Seconds to Make an Impression

I read recently that the average recruiter takes a mere 6 seconds to scan a CV and form an opinion.  6 seconds...

1 elephant, elephant, 3 elephant, 4 elephant, 5 elephant, 6 elephant.

Actually, in those 6 seconds you can get a lot done…  Does this equate to how long a candidate reviews a job advert? Maybe.  In any event we’ve all read the blogs and studies confirming that heat maps confirm that candidates read the job title, location and salary and whack the Apply button – totally ignoring the content which may help them deselect themselves (and not steal a consultant’s) time with an inappropriate application.

4 out of 5 Recruiters have not been Trained

Equally, it seems that the average recruiter is inadequately trained to deliver the most important content they will ever write – the advert!  In fact, I ran a poll recently, and only 1 in 5 recruiters had received some form of advert training (at some point in their career in recruitment).  Translated, few recruiters actually get regular, up to date training on how to pitch to candidates online.  Rather the trend seems to be the following:

  • Receive the job spec from the client (normally dull, poorly written and not deigned to titivate – just to cover HR bases
  • Cut and paste it into the CRM and then blast out to the job board.
  • Maybe, a recruiter may even take a little time to spam their online community with poorly written LinkedIn status updates and auto-robot Twitter job posts.

The Job Advert is Dead

At Recruitment Live I'm looking forward to talking about how the job advert is dead, how passive and active talent thinks about advert copy, what turns them on, and give recruitment leaders some practical ideas of how they can improve their attraction strategies.

  • Who wants to advertise their jobs better?
  • Who wants better quality applications?
  • Who wants to attract passives?

And who wants better advice than “spell better” and “use key words”.

We all want better (not more) applicants for our jobs. LinkedIn of course is a great place to advertise - but there are some special ways that you can advertise for free without buying job slots.

Recruiter Takeaways

I will give you ideas to:

  • Help you write your advert better
  • Advertise in ways that other recruiters are not
  • Advertise in places that other recruiters are not
  • Get your job seen and attract passive talent (and maybe even reduce irrelevant applications and speed up your process)

Hope to see you there.

Thanks to Global Recruiter for publishing this in their magazine. 

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